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GP Storm Research Education Project (R.E.P.) Internship

We are looking for bright, passionate, hard-working students to be a part of the Grand Prairie Storm Community through our internship program. 

All internships for GP Storm Track Club are unpaid internships. The internships allow students to  gain valuable experience with a professional organized non-profit organization created to invest in their future! 

General Overview

GP Storm Track Club is looking for a high school volunteer interns. The position will last from the beginning of the season early April and finish during the end of July. The volunteer  intern will take an active role in all aspects of the track program and assist the organization's  directors and coaches with the daily operations of the track club. The positions will require a  commitment to a schedule ranging from 5:45pm-7:45pm Mondays and some track meets from 7am-5pm on Saturday. Schedule may vary based on team needs and schedule. 

Internship Requirements: 

∙ Ability to be proactive and follow instructions without the need for ongoing supervision. 

∙ Must have strong organizational/communication skills 

∙ Must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, 

∙ Must be detail oriented with the ability to show initiative and leadership abilities.

∙ Must be punctual and accountable every scheduled day 

∙ Must be able to handle the physical responsibilities of an internship position

o Standing for long periods of time 

o Carrying/lifting heavy loads 

o Ability to work in extreme heat/cold 

∙ Must be trustworthy and have a positive attitude 

∙ Previous experience in sports, marketing, healthcare is a plus but not required 

Positions Available: 

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.05.01 PM.png

*All future applicants will be notified of decisions within a week of submitting application

Application Deadline:
March 31, 2022

Start Date:
Feb 15, 2022

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 4.42.02 PM.png

Sports Journalist & Social Media Coordinator

(2 openings) 

Interns will meet 1 day a week on Mondays some Saturdays for track meets. Throughout this internship, Interns will understand the art of film and  visual design through script writing, visual/set design, and storytelling using pictures and video  camera. Each intern will document the internship through youth-led community based research. Each intern will complete the following task:

∙ Spotlighting 2 GP Storm Athletes 

∙ Spotlighting 1 Coach 

∙ Spotlighting 1 Parent 

∙ Producing 3 GP Storm Docuseries using: 

o Storyboard 

o Script writing 

o Visual/graphics 

o Music 

o 3-4 camera angles 

∙ Short film and publication 

Athletics Coordinator

(2 positions) 

Interns will meet 1 day a week on Mondays and some Saturdays for track meets. Each intern will document the internship through youth-led community based research. Each intern will complete the following task:

∙ Assist the director and coaches with practice set up. 

∙ Assist with the post-practice and post-meet cleanup. 

∙ Ensure that the athletes are hydrated during training sessions and during track meet. ∙ Assist in maintaining equipment inventory. 

∙ Demonstrate good interpersonal skills required to work effectively with athletes, coaches,  and parent’s community stakeholders. 

∙ All other duties as assigned 

Interns will receive explicit instruction on the science of youth training and in turn Interns will  coordinate and implement an Athlete Case Management Plan for all athletes. Which includes: 

∙ Fitnessgram pre/post evaluation 

∙ Athlete survey 

∙ Stages of Youth Training Plan 

∙ Athlete Intensity Plan 

∙ Resistance Training Plan 

∙ Coordination Exercise program 

∙ Nutrition Plan 

∙ Off-Season Work-out Plan 

Interns will also create flexibility obstacle courses and speed programs during practice. All interns  will maintain an observation journal throughout the course.

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